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Jennifer knows many people in our Sixth Congressional District share similar attributes and goals.  We are willing to work hard, and we want to achieve financial success.  Sixth District residents want to be able to support themselves, to provide for their families and to retire at a reasonable age.   We want to pave a better way for future generations.  We value education and providing public school education to children and young adults of all levels and abilities.  We value other public services, such as clean Lake Michigan drinking water, and want those services to be provided cost effectively.   We welcome a diverse workforce and neighbors from around the globe.  While we have different perspectives, we agree on many issues.    

At a time when voters defy labels, they also no longer accept outdated rhetoric.  The rhetoric serves no purpose.  Particularly in Illinois, voters recognize that social progress is not an excuse for fiscal irresponsibility, and fiscal irresponsibility is not an excuse for social regression.  Social progress, job growth and fiscal responsibility are mutually desirable and achievable objectives.

It is time to elect leaders who are willing to work for growth on economic and social issues.  Solutions exist.  We have the power to create a change in the Sixth District.  We have the power to reach viable long term solutions that elevate us individually, as a community and as a nation.   

I am interested to hear more from constituents in the Sixth District.   Let me know what you expect from your Sixth District Representative.  I want to hear about the specific issues that matter to you in the Sixth District. 

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What’s on your mind? How do you feel about the issues? What do you expect from your Congressperson?

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