Run Women Run Profiles Jennifer Zordani

If Jennifer can do it, so can you! Step-up in 2018!

June 1, 2017
Anne M. Haule

Now, more than ever, it’s time for women to run our country – at the local, state, and federal levels. I truly believe that once women are in charge or hold at least half of all leadership positions in government (and all other organizations), things will get appreciably better!

The only good thing about Trump et al. is the fervor they’ve engendered with the communities they seek to oppress. Women, in particular, are unwilling to accept administration’s viewpoint on women – be it Pence’s proclivity for “impure thoughts” unless his wife is by his side, or Trump’s pussy grabbing, objectification of women, something big has got to give . . . that something is the mobilization of outraged women everywhere – including San Diego – to get into government and to govern from their broader and more nuanced perspectives – not needing to drop bombs and talk big to show their strength.

Case in point . . . Jennifer Zordani is a lawyer from Chicago with whom I used to work. She recently posted on Facebook that she plans to run for Illinois’ 6th Congressional District representing the people.... (read the full article here)


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