Zordani Announces Run for Congress



SUMMARY: Regulatory Attorney Jennifer Zordani seeks the Democratic Nomination for Illinois’ 6th Congressional District

CLARENDON HILLS — Regulatory attorney Jennifer Zordani announces her candidacy to become the Democratic nominee for Illinois’ 6th Congressional District. Zordani seeks to unseat incumbent Congressman Peter Roskam on November 6, 2018. The Democratic Primary is March 20, 2018. 

 zordani.png“We need a voice of reason in DC,” ​Zordani said.​ “As our Congresswoman, I will bring our voice to DC to say we want truly fair and affordable health care, that our veterans need the medical care and benefits that they were promised, that our children are starting out their adult lives buried in college debt and we need to do better.” ​Zordani continued,​ “It’s time our tax code and federal budget start prioritizing working families, protecting our seniors and Social Security, and investing in our communities. It’s time we have a Representative that listens and cares about the people she represents. It’s time to replace Big Washington insider politics with people-centered representation that moves the 6th Congressional District forward.”

Jennifer Zordani grew up in the Western suburbs and resides in the 6th Congressional District - in Clarendon Hills, Illinois. Zordani attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C. for two years, before transferring to the University of Chicago where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Zordani attended Chicago Kent School of Law, graduating with honors. A practicing attorney for more than 20 years, Zordani is an expert on compliance and regulations. 

Devoted to families and community, Zordani has been an avid volunteer and served as President of a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting low-income families with services.​ Zordani is ready to put the People of Illinois’ 6th Congressional District First Again. 

For more information, contact Ben Pender at 630-468-0792 or info@zordaniforcongress.com.

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